by Planetarium

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Days... vitamins to postpone the waste away
Take... and I am not the one that you were wanting me to be
But oust grace, grate against the nerves take turns on the 1st
We began it post-haste, brave men were buried by the gates
We swam against the waves, the Idaho falls
We got close but we never quite..
The 1st, the 5 and sixth, banks.. we took the chance to rewrite the plans
To Perth, to Iowa
Don’t stay in one place, you’ll reave by the day
And now the nights are knighting us
And we will be kings by the first
And be crowned..

In light, don’t follow roads for me…
In light, don’t follow roads for me…
And drive by the outer bounds to the sea
Have faith, but don’t follow roads for me..


Mask, and I’m in it
Masked men un-descriptive
Discrete as them lies in the eyes of defeat
All before that night comes to finish
Rise for the fifth, die for the dinner
And we ain’t gonna win unless that timing isn’t menacing
And I am the menace, till that trial comes in winter
Lion perched at the highest of high, satellite city limit
Leaving spikes in the tires of them silent aggressors
And that tide starts to rise when them lions are in it
Physically put pressure against any obstacle pitted
Press pause and then think for a minute..
Cause any talker to finish, its time for a walk round the block with the winner
Walk comes to a sprint, when you start to offend em, get stomped in a minute
Brought you a bigger match than anticipated by the greatest
Stopped, counted the take, right at the pinnacle of patience
Today was a gracious day, papers line the wall of the caves
We dwell ready for the day when it's taken
Dump me in the lake with the weight of my hatred
Grow frail by the acre of land that I took from my maker
Pause in the progress of jadism
Make away with the new found face of a somatic break
I’m the winner of the race..


released August 25, 2014
Cocaine Richards



all rights reserved


Planetarium Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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